We're very proud to have been trusted to create N1CE's digital strategy from scratch, and taking part of their amazing and fast paced journey.


The Story

N1CE Frozen Cocktail is the result of an epic meeting between a superstar producer and an award-winning bartender. The fusion of creativity gave birth to a revolution in frozen cocktails to refresh your senses wherever you are: from a hot and sultry summer’s night in Ibiza to Stockholm’s intimate club scenes.


The Company

N1CE Frozen Cocktails are conceived by DJ Sebastian Ingrosso and award-winning bartender Jimmy Dymott, the mastermind behind several of the very best cocktail bars in Stockholm. The idea took birth while watching people in action at festivals, parties and bars. With them entered DJs and N1CE partners Axwell and Alesso and the company’s CEO Mikael Drené + team. Sweden served as their test market before launching to 11 markets the first year alone.


The Problem

N1CE’s release of their revolutionary new products, which with their entry to the market created a brand new product category, faced several problems - low budget, low brand awareness, low consumer knowledge and a limited time of seizing the window of opportunity to be first. With products being frozen from the moment of production the majority of their focus had to be spent on establishing efficient distribution channels and smooth logistics as well as finding correct partners to carry the expansion towards new markets.


Social Media marketing is with no doubt one of the most price efficient forms of marketing, if done right, and is very well cut for consumer products. We offered N1CE a full package deal where we took care of everything regarding their social media marketing, to give them space to focus on establishing the company, it’s markets and business partners.



One of N1CE’s largest challenges were the issue of the target audience being unaware of where, when and how to consume the product. To help educate we focused on producing relevant content where the product’s Unique Benefits were connected to different relatable situations and environments. Once a initiated knowledge was established we lead consumers to share their own N1CE moments and consumption preferences, engaging conversation between the brand and it’s audience, creating a mutual understanding of appropriate consumption.


Delivering an engaging story

To help bring the audience along on N1CE’s journey and ease relationships being built, we made sure to document big events and update social feeds as they were taking place, always providing a up to date feed with fresh, relevant and engaging content.

Movies were shot, edited and uploaded within 24 hours. Photos were shot, edited and uploaded live during the events.

We had 99 problems and budget was one

As we launched the project we made sure to utilize what assets were available, using the DJ’s and their channels to create overall brand awareness and distributing larger news such as entrance to new markets, festival attendances, new distribution partners and more.

Meanwhile we worked on a local market level engaging bloggers and influencers around the brand and it’s products, leading their followers on to N1CE’s social feeds. Once their followers found their way to N1CE we engaged them to further spread the message towards their friends, integrating the consumers as marketing channels.


N1CEtime sessions

Through our network we connected restaurants, nightclubs and bloggers centered around N1CE and their products, creating N1CE parties with dedicated photographers, documenting the influencers and their appreciation for the brand. This way we gained control of how the brand was positioned on the influencers own social platforms, as well as keeping the budget very low thanks to collaborations with the different event partners.


Integrating the consumers

To work around the low budget we worked actively to engage consumers to share the brand and it’s products for us. Focusing on the moment of consumption we added hashtags on products, emphasised clear and apparent hashtags on all Point of Sale material and staff guidelines how to actively engage and invite consumers during events were created in purpose of leading the consumers' consumption offline to online.


On the digital we worked continuously with competitions and other incitements, follow up on prior engagements (re-posts, comments, likes and more) following our three step concept of INTERACT - BUILD RELATIONSHIP - ENGAGE, sourcing the marketing on to the brands followers.